ELEVENTH STEP "(We) Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with our Higher Power as we understood this, praying only for knowledge of our Higher Power's will for us and the power to carry that out." Here in the Eleventh Step, all the work we put into the Steps seems to all come together. As we learned to live the previous Ten Steps, we have been practicing prayer and meditation even though we may not be aware of it. Our starting point here will be to consciously improve prayer and meditation to the Higher Power of our understanding. The program of Trauma Anonymous is not about telling you how to pray and meditate. That is a technique that is developed by you in a relationship with your Higher Power and the way you feel comfortable. However, many survivors ask how do I pray? How do I meditate? The following are some ways different Trauma survivors pray and meditate. These examples are here only to give you some place to start in developing and finding your own way. You will know which way is right for you by the way you feel. The feeling of serenity (no stress) will tell you that you have made a conscious contact with a Higher Power of your understanding. Remember, it is a Higher Power of your understanding and a conscious contact you can relate to. Prayer: Simply telling a Higher Power "Thank you," and feeling gratitude for all the things that enriched their life or their day, simply put, "An attitude of gratitude." Another survivor may feel comfortable getting on their knees and simply saying "Thanks," maybe asking for strength, courage, etc. Another survivor may get in a sitting or lying position, totally relaxed and say "Thanks" and asking for daily guidance in making their personal attempt at "a healthy pattern of living". Another survivor may talk/pray to their Higher Power while walking, getting in touch with nature and self, reflecting, hoping and giving thanks. Meditation: Lying or sitting, relaxing and getting a feeling of serenity and bathing in it. Walking and feeling serene by getting in touch with the nature around us. Sitting and looking at a picture of a beautiful scene or seeing the scene in their mind and getting quite serenity and at peace. There is no set way. It is a personal decision between you and your Higher Power. Need an example..."why"? If you had a friend who did all the talking all the time and never took time to hear or listen to you, eventually that person would no longer be your friend. Prayer is the talking and meditation is the listening. As we practice these principles in our life, the core of our Trauma symptoms will become arrested and we will begin to act and live in a "healthy pattern". We gain awareness through prayer and meditation. We discover our Higher Power's will for us to practice these Steps in our lives and as a result of living these steps we are delivered to a healthy pattern of living life. Eleventh Step Worksheet On a separate piece of paper answer the following questions. What is prayer? What is meditation? Why is prayer and mediation necessary? Are there any specific ways or steps to prayer and meditation?
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