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"(We) Admitted to our Higher Power, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our trauma."

The purpose of this worksheet is to prepare you to do your Fifth Step.

Once your Fourth Step is done, don't look at it. Put it away until you sit down with your Sponsor/Therapist. Many of us put off doing the Fifth Step after we finished our Fourth Step because of Fear. This feeling of Fear is with us because we don't really understand the Fifth Step. The reason we are doing a Fifth Step is to have someone help us know ourselves and give us direction based on their experience in working a programof recovery. As a Trauma survivor it is quite normal to want to isolate and try to do it alone, and each time we do that we continue the cycle of an unhealthy pattern of living. Remember the Second Step tells us we must do things differently if we want a different outcome. We must reach out for trust to be delivered from the unhealthy pattern of living.

The purpose of sharing your Fourth Step with another person and your Higher Power is not to judge you but to help you know yourself and guide you in areas that you need help. Two of the most important qualities you will get from doing a Fifth Step are open mindedness and willingness. A spiritual awakening you will receive is that you are not unique and different. You find that by sharing your inventory with another Trauma survivor that they have experienced everything you have, either physically, emotionally or mentally. Many of the people, places, events and circumstances may be different, but the feelings are the same. After doing this Step you will have a much better understanding of the "WE" of the program. Now is the time to go forward, Pray to the Higher Power of your understanding and set a time to sit with your Sponsor/Therapist to do your Fifth Step.

Fifth Step Worksheet

Write out the following questions and answers on a separate paper and return to your Sponsor/Therapist: