SEVENTH STEP "(We) Humbly asked our Higher Power to remove our symptoms." Let's talk about symptoms of Trauma before we get into this Step .One symptom of Trauma is Impatience which leads to Frustration which leads to Anger. Example to ponder: You are waiting to pick somebody up for a meeting. You are doing them a favor and going out of your way. At 7:00 P.M. you arrive on time. It's now 7:20 P.M. and they are not ready yet and you might be late for the meeting. At this point, many of our symptoms come out and Impatience is about to be acted out. You may get Angry, Frustrated and Resentful. These are some of the basic symptoms that are born of a past Trauma. In the Sixth Step we become entirely ready to have our Higher Power remove our symptoms of Trauma. In the Seventh Step you will see how your Higher Power does this when you humbly ask your Higher Power to remove your symptoms. Before we actually learn how to apply this Step, let's look at what the Seventh Step says. It starts out by saying, " humbly asked our Higher Power to remove our symptoms." When we recognize the fact that we are responsible for our actions even though we are not responsible for our trauma, we are becoming humble. In the First Step we learned we were not responsible for being the victim, and therefore, it will be a part of us. But our reactions can be arrested, that is how our symptoms of Trauma are removed. Now understanding the symptoms of Trauma, and the reacting is our responsibility. We become humble when we accept this. What we did was just apply the First Step to our symptoms. Next we see the unhealthy patterns in our behaviors. We decide to turn our lives and our behaviors over to the care of our Higher Power of our understanding. This will give us the strength and the courage to act mature and responsibly. We have just applied the Third Step to our symptoms. The solution of all our problems can be found in the Steps. The first Three Steps become the foundation of our solutions and the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Steps are the way we keep our solutions working. For most of us this is a lifetime process, our Trauma and memories will always with us, waiting for us to let our Spiritual guard down in order to strike at us. This is why we go to meetings and stay in touch and/or close to other Survivors, so that we continue with "a healthy pattern of living". Seventh Step Worksheet Write on a separate piece of paper the questions and answers to the following: What are my good behaviors?.................My bad behaviors? What are my Trauma symptoms?
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