EIGHTH STEP "(We) Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all." Many survivors have become overwhelmed when they start this Step. Most of us don't understand why we have to deal with this part of our past. We feel we dealt as best we could with these things when we did the Fourth and Fifth Steps and therefore, we are not very willing to make a list. The thing we must remember is that this Step does not say is willing and make a list, it simply says make a list of all people we had harmed, and THEN became willing. We can now see this is a two-part step. The first part of the Step, making a list. The first two names that should be put on our list are your Higher Power and then yourself. Many times we get stuck here, did we really harm this person? If there is any doubt at all, list them. Many times during our Trauma there were many faceless people in our memory that we harmed. Never really knowing many of them and some we just can't remember their names. Make one entry on your list called Faceless People. In your Ninth Step you will be told what to do with them. Once your list has been done we are ready to work on the second half of the Step. This part of the Step can be very difficult for some of us if we approach it with the wrong attitude. We must accept the fact that Trauma Anonymous states we must live all the Steps in our lives if we are to have a program of recovery Remember the First Step was our past and the symptoms of Trauma that are with us today. The next eleven steps were to be our future. If we are to have any future that is productive and manageable, we must take the responsibility to be willing. The way we do this is first to accept we are powerless and surrender, we must do this. First Step and apply it to the Eighth Step. We must realize we can not afford to be unwilling. We must act mature and responsibly and make our amends. We have just applied the Third Step to the Eighth Step. Throughout these worksheets we talk about the first Three Steps in relation to the other Steps. By now you must realize how those Steps must be lived and applied to every area of our lives. Without the Steps we are living dead. Eighth Step Worksheet On a separate piece of paper write on the following: How many parts are there to this Step? Why must you start this Step even if you are not willing? How do you become willing? How are the first three Steps used in the Eighth Step?
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